Invades Missouri

In Missouri, extremists are orchestrating attacks aimed at implementing dangerous, anti-democratic legislation. Learn about these attacks and how you can stand up for liberty and justice.


Public Education

In 2024, MAGA extremists voted to expand private school vouchers, which will divert sorely needed funds away from Missouri public schools and cost taxpayers more than $450 million every year. The year before, they pushed SB 4, a bill based on misinformation and fear, that threatens public schools with litigation and $500 fines for simply teaching students an honest version of American history.



the Right to Vote

Free and fair elections are cornerstones of democracy, and they’re under attack in Missouri. In 2022 and 2023, our elected officials orchestrated a series of attacks aimed to suppress votes and instill fear in voters.

In 2024, extremists are trying to block Missourians from amending the state constitution, expressly to keep residents from getting their preferred policies on reproductive rights.



Vulnerable Communities

MAGA extremists are attacking our most vulnerable communities. SB 134 erases LGBTQ people and issues from public school curriculum. SB 39 bars trans athletes from competing in sports.



Workers’ Rights

Anti-labor MAGA extremists have launched a string of attacks in recent years. These attacks tried to instill county-level Right-To-Work laws that suppress wages and lower workplace safety. MAGA extremists also tried to reduce unemployment benefits for our financially vulnerable community members.


Eliminating Our

Reproductive Freedom

Missouri Republicans supported extreme measures to punish employers who assist employees in getting abortions and allow private citizens to sue anyone they suspect of helping a Missouri resident get an abortion in another state.

MAGA Republicans even blocked adding rape and incest exemptions to Missouri’s abortion ban, claiming that while rape is “mentally taxing…God does not make mistakes.”

Speaker Dean Plocher
  • Speaker Dean Plocher converted an office into a liquor ‘pantry’ and spent $60,000 in taxpayer money renovating the speaker’s office, including expensive furniture and a custom cabinet for a $2,500 refrigerator.
  • Speaker Dean Plocher claimed banning medical care for transgender youth was “protecting children.”
  • Plocher obstructed an investigation by the Missouri House Ethics Committee. According to the Ethics Chair, he used his position to “threaten witnesses, block our investigation, and prevent this process from reaching its natural conclusion” and he created a “culture of fear and retaliation.”
  • An administrative employee in the Missouri House said she was “living in fear every day of losing [her] job” due to Plocher’s retaliation efforts.